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So You Don’t Have it All Together

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Are you one of us who doesn’t have it all together?

And do you have people in your life who seem to accentuate the fact when they come around? They don’t have to say a word; you can see it in their eyes. You can feel the thoughts emanate from their skin like a stinky sweat: You’re a loser.  Anyone else can show up and you feel fine; but when they walk through the door, you’re suddenly painfully aware that dinner is late, your house is cluttered, your kids aren't perfect, and you forgot to let the yeast rolls rise.

You mentally pound your forehead once again and think, why is it always with her (or him)? I’ll tell you why.

It is not, in fact, because you don’t have it together. It is because he or she doesn’t. On the inside.

You may not be the most sophisticated thing to walk below the stratosphere, but take heart: if you are loved by God (and you are), you have reason to hold your head high when someone tries to make you feel low.

People who judge and criticize those who don’t have it together on the outside are desperately broken on the inside. They are far from having it together where it matters most. And it is the broken part of us–the part still being redeemed–that is affected by that judgment. But if you know how well-loved you are by God, you can have compassion. Toss out the resentful, poor-me attitude along with the burnt biscuits and throw your arms (or at least your heart) around that hurting soul and help him or her piece it back together with a very with-it kind of love. The kind only God can give.


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