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Read This Short Story and Tell Me There's No God

I recently bought this skirt for Ruthie. I was tickled with this purchase, as she has been wearing nothing but jeans everywhere she goes, including to church. I have nothing against wearing jeans to church, but I am adamantly against my baby girl growing up too fast and no longer letting me doll her up in frills and bows. So I found this skirt at Trader K’s (a thrift store in Ithaca, NY) and hoped against hope that it would find favor with my teenage wanna-be.

It did. Except now she needed dress shoes to wear with it (I couldn’t convince her that her faded brown cowgirl boots would suffice). So off I went to Kohl’s in search of proper shoes.

Headed to the back of the store, it crossed my mind that I could pray for dress shoes. I half-heartedly breathed a quick prayer, feeling that I’d asked for too much lately. Honestly, I hoped God had stayed in the parking lot, so as not to witness my frivolous spending while the husband was out of work.

Before I could say “Amen,” my eyes fell upon these little beauties, left alone on the kids’ clearance shelf, marked down to $6.47, in Ruthie’s size only:

“Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” Matthew 6:8

“Every good and perfect gift is from above….” James 1:17

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