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My Last Build-a-Bear: On Doing What We Are Meant to Do

Do you see what is wrong with this bear? If you do, chances are you like to sew. You may also like to quilt, can, freeze, knit, bake and raise goats. You probably enjoy reading directions.

I am personally afraid of my sewing machine, but when Ruthie asked me to help her with the Build-a-Bear kit she got for her birthday, I thought, How hard can it be? The box says, “Age 6+.” I tossed aside the directions and showed her how to stitch around the bear.

Like me, Ruthie is easily  bored, so I ended up finishing the project. I realized there was a problem when I started to stuff the second arm. I retrieved the directions and found that bear bottoms are better places for “whip stitches” than bear arms.

When I held Ruin-a-Bear up and examined her clubbed arm, I felt depressed and slightly mad at my friends who sew beautiful PJ’s for their kids at Christmastime and put away peaches. I wanted to throw the bear against a wall and run away to an eternal library, where there are no sewing machines, only books.

Thankfully, when Ruthie saw her finished project, she grabbed it, hugged it, and said, “I’m going to sleep with her every night!” (Phew!)

I’m OK with not being good at everything I put my hand to. I know what I am good at. It’s not sewing. I won’t be opening a seamstress shop any time soon.

Do you ever come across people trying to do something they weren’t meant to do? Anyone can  learn a new trick, but may not be a “natural” at it. It’s a beautiful thing to stay happily on the path you landed on naturally (i.e., were gifted by God to do).

I can learn to sew, and perhaps should, for the sake of my four daughters. OK, that’s it. I’m going to start. Next Year.

What comes naturally for you?


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