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I like to hang out with witches, atheists and agnostics, New-Agers and humanists, moral relativists, philosophers, and/or anyone who thinks about things, questions, and thinks some more. I’d rather spend time with an open-minded individual with a different worldview than with a close-minded person of my own kind. I’m just trying to live how Jesus lived.

Not that I don’t love my own kind. I’m equally as passionate about the community of believers in my local church, where my husband and I get to serve as volunteer pastors. 

Not Your Ordinary Kind of Christian

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But my main congregation and favorite audience is four girls: Anna, Sarah, Rebecca and Ruth. I want to invest my time growing these princesses into queens of inner beauty and grace. Donning my priestly bathrobe and teaching them how to live and how to love God is my full time occupation, along with loving their father and my best friend, Dave.

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