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Statements of Faith



Christianity is the only religion in which the God who claims to be the only way commands that we love people of every way.

"....But the Holy and Just one desires us, none-the-less, and what’s a holy God to do when the object of his affection is too sin-stained to abide his presence? He writes centuries of love-letters bound in a book, containing one urgent message: Meet me at the Cross.

One day I followed Jesus’ trail of tears and blood and found him hanging there, wearing every guilt-garment of mine he could find, letting me know it was over—this using my shame as an excuse to hide, this endless running on pathetic self-confidence. He’d let the haters beat him and I’ll never forget his eyes on me as they did: I’ll see you on the other side, they promised. 

And he did. Showed up dressed for a wedding, scars peeking beneath the cuffs, and how I could keep running?

How can we run from such a lover?"


(excerpt from Who Are All These Children and Why Are They Calling Me Mom?)

The way I see it, if a religious leader has the audacity to claim to be the only way to God, or God Himself, He should do something big to prove it: Like, lay down His life for me (to prove his love), and rise from the dead (to prove His power).

If you are going to say that all paths or prophets lead to the same God, say it kissing the wounds in Christ's hands and feet. Say it tracing the scar on His side and the thorn marks on His brow. Look into His love-anguished eyes and say it.

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